Spooftooph Package Description

Spooftooph is designed to automate spoofing or cloning Bluetooth device information. Make a Bluetooth device hide in plain site.


  • Clone and log Bluetooth device information
  • Generate a random new Bluetooth profile
  • Change Bluetooth profile every X seconds
  • Specify device information for Bluetooth interface
  • Select device to clone from scan log

Source: http://sourceforge.net/projects/spooftooph/
Spooftooph Homepage | Kali Spooftooph Repo

  • Author: JP Dunning, Shadow Cave LLC
  • License: GPLv2

Tools included in the spooftooph package

spooftooph – automates spoofing or cloning Bluetooth devices
root@kali:~# spooftooph -h

spooftooph v0.5.2 by JP Dunning (.ronin)
(c) 2009-2012 Shadow Cave LLC.


    spooftooph -i dev [-mstu] [-nac]|[-R]|[-r file] [-w file]

    -a <address>    : Specify new BD_ADDR
    -b <num_lines>  : Number of Bluetooth profiles to display per page
    -B      : Disable banner for smaller screens (like phones)
    -c <class>  : Specify new CLASS
    -h      : Help
    -i <dev>    : Specify interface
    -m      : Specify multiple interfaces during selection
    -n <name>   : Specify new NAME
    -r <file>   : Read in CSV logfile
    -R      : Assign random NAME, CLASS, and ADDR
    -s      : Scan for devices in local area
    -t <time>   : Time interval to clone device in range
    -u      : USB delay.  Interactive delay for reinitializing interface
    -w <file>   : Write to CSV logfile
              (Useful in Virtualized environment when USB must be passed through.)

spooftooph Usage Example

Use the Bluetooth interface (-i hci1) to spoof itself as the given address (-a 00803789EE76):

root@kali:~# spooftooph -i hci1 -a 00803789EE76
Manufacturer:   Broadcom Corporation (15)
Device address: 00:19:0E:0E:EA:4B