mfoc Package Description

MFOC is an open source implementation of “offline nested” attack by Nethemba.
This program allow to recover authentication keys from MIFARE Classic card.

Please note MFOC is able to recover keys from target only if it has a known key: default one (hardcoded in MFOC) or custom one (user provided using command line).

mfoc Homepage | Kali mfoc Repo

  • Author: Norbert Szetei, Pavol Luptak, Micahal Boska, Romuald Conty
  • License: GPLv2

Tools included in the mfoc package

mfoc – MIFARE Classic offline cracker
root@kali:~# mfoc -h
Usage: mfoc [-h] [-k key] [-f file] ... [-P probnum] [-T tolerance] [-O output]

  h     print this help and exit
  k     try the specified key in addition to the default keys
  f     parses a file of keys to add in addition to the default keys
  P     number of probes per sector, instead of default of 20
  T     nonce tolerance half-range, instead of default of 20
        (i.e., 40 for the total range, in both directions)
  O     file in which the card contents will be written (REQUIRED)
  D     file in which partial card info will be written in case PRNG is not vulnerable

Example: mfoc -O mycard.mfd
Example: mfoc -k ffffeeeedddd -O mycard.mfd
Example: mfoc -f keys.txt -O mycard.mfd
Example: mfoc -P 50 -T 30 -O mycard.mfd

This is mfoc version 0.10.7.
For more information, run: 'man mfoc'.

mfoc Usage Example

root@kali:~# coming soon