Bluesnarfer Package Description

A Bluetooth bluesnarfing Utility.

Bluesnarfer Homepage | Kali Bluesnarfer Repo

  • Author: Davide Del Vecchio
  • License: GPLv2

Tools included in the bluesnarfer package

bluesnarfer – A Bluesnarfing Utility
root@kali:~# bluesnarfer
bluesnarfer: you must set bd_addr
bluesnarfer, version 0.1 -
usage: bluesnarfer [options] [ATCMD] -b bt_addr


TYPE      : valid phonebook type ..
example   : "DC" (dialed call list)
            "SM" (SIM phonebook)
            "RC" (recevied call list)
            "XX" much more

-b bdaddr : bluetooth device address
-C chan   : bluetooth rfcomm channel

-c ATCMD  : custom action
-r N-M    : read phonebook entry N to M
-w N-M    : delete phonebook entry N to M
-f name   : search "name" in phonebook address
-s TYPE   : select phonebook memory storage
-l        : list aviable phonebook memory storage
-i        : device info

bluesnarfer Usage Example

Scan the remote device address (-b 20:C9:D0:43:4B:D8) and get the device info (-i):

root@kali:~# bluesnarfer -b 20:C9:D0:43:4B:D8 -i
device name: ares