Airolib-ng Description

Airolib-ng is an aircrack-ng suite tool designed to store and manage essid and password lists, compute their Pairwise Master Keys (PMKs) and use them in WPA/WPA2 cracking. The program uses the lightweight SQLite3 database as the storage mechanism which is available on most platforms.

Source: Airolib-ng Wiki
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  • Author: ebfe
  • License: GPLv2
airolib-ng – manage and create a WPA/WPA2 pre-computed hashes tables
root@kali:~# airolib-ng --help

  Airolib-ng 1.5.2 - (C) 2007, 2008, 2009 ebfe

  Usage: airolib-ng <database> <operation> [options]


       --stats        : Output information about the database.
       --sql <sql>    : Execute specified SQL statement.
       --clean [all]  : Clean the database from old junk. 'all' will also
                        reduce filesize if possible and run an integrity check.
       --batch        : Start batch-processing all combinations of ESSIDs
                        and passwords.
       --verify [all] : Verify a set of randomly chosen PMKs.
                        If 'all' is given, all invalid PMK will be deleted.

       --import [essid|passwd] <file>   :
                        Import a text file as a list of ESSIDs or passwords.
       --import cowpatty <file>         :
                        Import a cowpatty file.

       --export cowpatty <essid> <file> :
                        Export to a cowpatty file.

airolib-ng Usage Examples

Specify the name of the database to use (airolib-db) and import a file containing the ESSIDs of the network(s) you are targeting (–import essid /root/essid.txt). If the database does not exist, it will be created.

root@kali:~# airolib-ng airolib-db --import essid /root/essid.txt
Database <airolib-db> does not already exist, creating it...
Database <airolib-db> successfully created
Reading file...

Import any wordlists you wish to use for PMK computation.

root@kali:~# airolib-ng airolib-db --import passwd /usr/share/doc/aircrack-ng/examples/password.lst
Reading file...
Writing... read, 1814 invalid lines ignored.

Use the –batch to compute all PMKs.

root@kali:~# airolib-ng airolib-db --batch
Computed 233 PMK in 0 seconds (233 PMK/s, 0 in buffer). All ESSID processed.

To use the airolib-ng database with aircrack-ng, use the -r option and specify the database name.

root@kali:~# aircrack-ng -r airolib-db /root/wpa.cap
Opening /root/wpa.cap
Read 13 packets.

   #  BSSID              ESSID                     Encryption

   1  00:0D:93:EB:B0:8C  test                      WPA (1 handshake)

Choosing first network as target.

Opening /root/wpa.cap
Reading packets, please wait...

                                 Aircrack-ng 1.4

      [00:00:00] 230/0 keys tested (106728.53 k/s)

      Time left: 0 seconds                                   inf%

                           KEY FOUND! [ biscotte ]

      Master Key     : CD D7 9A 5A CF B0 70 C7 E9 D1 02 3B 87 02 85 D6
                       39 E4 30 B3 2F 31 AA 37 AC 82 5A 55 B5 55 24 EE

      Transient Key  : 33 55 0B FC 4F 24 84 F4 9A 38 B3 D0 89 83 D2 49
                       73 F9 DE 89 67 A6 6D 2B 8E 46 2C 07 47 6A CE 08
                       AD FB 65 D6 13 A9 9F 2C 65 E4 A6 08 F2 5A 67 97
                       D9 6F 76 5B 8C D3 DF 13 2F BC DA 6A 6E D9 62 CD

      EAPOL HMAC     : 28 A8 C8 95 B7 17 E5 72 27 B6 A7 EE E3 E5 34 45

Quitting aircrack-ng...