VoIPHopper Package Description

VoIP Hopper is a GPLv3 licensed security tool, written in C, that rapidly runs a VLAN Hop into the Voice VLAN on specific ethernet switches. VoIP Hopper does this by mimicking the behavior of an IP Phone, in Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, and Alcatel-Lucent environments. This requires two important steps in order for the tool to traverse VLANs for unauthorized access. First, discovery of the correct 12 bit Voice VLAN ID (VVID) used by the IP Phones is required. VoIP Hopper supports multiple protocol discovery methods (CDP, DHCP, LLDP-MED, 802.1q ARP) for this important first step. Second, the tool creates a virtual VoIP ethernet interface on the OS. It then inserts a spoofed 4-byte 802.1q vlan header containing the 12 bit VVID into a spoofed DHCP request. Once it receives an IP address in the VoIP VLAN subnet, all subsequent ethernet frames are “tagged” with the spoofed 802.1q header. VoIP Hopper is a VLAN Hop test tool but also a tool to test VoIP infrastructure security.

Source: http://voiphopper.sourceforge.net/details.html
VoIPHopper Homepage | Kali VoIPHopper Repo

  • Author: Jason Ostrom
  • License: GPLv3

Tools included in the voiphopper package

voiphopper – Runs a VLAN hop security test
root@kali:~# voiphopper -h
VoIP Hopper Extended Usage:

Miscellaneous Options:
    -l (list available interfaces for CDP sniffing, then exit)
    Example:  voiphopper -l
    -m (Spoof the MAC Address, then exit)
    Example:  voiphopper -i eth0 -m 00:07:0E:EA:50:86
    -d (Delete the VLAN Interface, then exit)
    Example:  voiphopper -d eth0.200
    -V (Print the VoIP Hopper version, then exit)
    Example:  voiphopper -V

MAC Address Spoofing Options (used with -a, -v, or -c options):
    -m (Spoof the MAC Address of existing interface, and new Interface)
    -D -m (Spoof the MAC Address of only new Voice Interface)
    Example:  voiphopper -i eth0 -m 00:07:0E:EA:50:86
    Example:  voiphopper -i eth0 -D -m 00:07:0E:EA:50:86

CDP Sniff Mode (-c 0)
    Example:  voiphopper -i eth0 -c 0

CDP Spoof Mode (-c 1):
    -E <string> (Device ID)
    -P <string> (Port ID)
    -C <string> (Capabilities)
    -L <string> (Platform)
    -S <string> (Software)
    -U <string> (Duplex)

Example Usage for SIP Firmware Phone:
voiphopper -i eth0 -c 1 -E 'SIP00070EEA5086' -P 'Port 1' -C Host -L 'Cisco IP Phone 7940' -S 'P003-08-8-00' -U 1

Example Usage for SCCP Firmware Phone:
voiphopper -i eth0 -c 1 -E 'SEP0070EEA5086' -P 'Port 1' -C Host -L 'Cisco IP Phone 7940' -S 'P00308000700' -U 1

Example Usage for Phone with MAC Spoofing:
voiphopper -i eth0 -m 00:07:0E:EA:50:86 -c 1 -E 'SEP00070EEA5086' -P 'Port 1' -C Host -L 'Cisco IP Phone 7940' -S 'P003-08-8-00' -U 1

Avaya DHCP Option Mode (-a):
    Example:  voiphopper -i eth0 -a
    Example:  voiphopper -i eth0 -a -m 00:07:0E:EA:50:86

VLAN Hop Mode (-v VLAN ID):
    Example:  voiphopper -i eth0 -v 200
    Example:  voiphopper -i eth0 -v 200 -D -m 00:07:0E:EA:50:86

Alcatel VLAN Discovery (-t 0|1|2):
    Example:  voiphopper -i eth0 -t 0
    Example:  voiphopper -i eth0 -t 1
    Example:  voiphopper -i eth0 -t 0 -m 00:80:9f:ad:42:42
    Example:  voiphopper -i eth0 -t 1 -m 00:80:9f:ad:42:42
    Example:  voiphopper -i eth0 -t 2 -v 800
    Example:  voiphopper -i eth0 -t 2 -v 800 -m 00:80:9f:ad:42:42

voiphopper Usage Example

root@kali:~# voiphopper -i eth0 -z
VoIP Hopper assessment mode ~ Select 'q' to quit and 'h' for help menu.
Main Sniffer:  capturing packets on eth0
Analyzing ARP packets on default interface: eth0
New host #1 learned on eth0: (MAC): 78:ca:39:fe:0b:4c   (IP):
New host #2 learned on eth0: (MAC): 60:6b:bd:5a:b6:6c   (IP):
New host #3 learned on eth0: (MAC): 40:6c:8f:1b:cb:90   (IP):
Disabling analysis of ARP packets on default interface:  eth0