TrueCrack Package Description

TrueCrack is a brute-force password cracker for TrueCrypt volumes. It works on Linux and it is optimized for Nvidia Cuda technology. It supports:

  • PBKDF2 (defined in PKCS5 v2.0) based on key derivation functions: Ripemd160, Sha512 and Whirlpool.
  • XTS block cipher mode for hard disk encryption based on encryption algorithms: AES, SERPENT, TWOFISH.
  • File-hosted (container) and Partition/device-hosted.
  • Hidden volumes and Backup headers.

TrueCrack is able to perform a brute-force attack based on:

  • Dictionary: read the passwords from a file of words.
  • Alphabet: generate all passwords of given length from given alphabet.

TrueCrack works on gpu and cpu

TrueCrack Homepage | Kali TrueCrack Repo

  • Author: Luca Vaccaro
  • License: GPLv3

Tools included in the truecrack package

truecrack – Bruteforce password cracker for Truecrypt volumes
root@kali:~# truecrack --help
TrueCrack v3.0
Contact us:
Bruteforce password cracker for Truecrypt volume. Optimazed with Nvidia Cuda technology.
Based on TrueCrypt, freely available at
Copyright (c) 2011 by Luca Vaccaro.

 truecrack -t <truecrypt_file> -k <ripemd160|sha512|whirlpool> -w <wordlist_file> [-b <parallel_block>]
 truecrack -t <truecrypt_file> -k <ripemd160|sha512|whirlpool> -c <charset> [-s <minlength>] -m <maxlength> [-b <parallel_block>]

 -h --help                      Display this information.
 -t --truecrypt <truecrypt_file>    Truecrypt volume file.
 -k --key <ripemd160 | sha512 | whirlpool>      Key derivation function (default ripemd160).
 -b --blocksize <parallel_blocks>       Number of parallel computations (board dependent).
 -w --wordlist <wordlist_file>      File of words, for Dictionary attack.
 -c --charset <alphabet>        Alphabet generator, for Alphabet attack.
 -s --startlength <minlength>       Starting length of passwords, for Alphabet attack (default 1).
 -m --maxlength <maxlength>     Maximum length of passwords, for Alphabet attack.
 -r --restore <number>          Restore the computation.
 -v --verbose                   Show computation messages.

 Dictionary mode: truecrack --truecrypt ./volume --wordlist ./dictionary.txt
 Charset mode: truecrack --truecrypt ./volume --charset ./dictionary.txt --maxlength 10

truecrack Usage Example

root@kali:~# truecrack -t truecrypt_vol -k ripemd160 -w passes.txt
TrueCrack v3.0
Contact us:
Found password:     "s3cr3t"
Password length:    "7"
Total computations: "78"