ident-user-enum Package Description

ident-user-enum is a simple PERL script to query the ident service (113/TCP) in order to determine the owner of the process listening on each TCP port of a target system.
This can help to prioritise target service during a pentest (you might want to attack services running as root first). Alternatively, the list of usernames gathered can be used for password guessing attacks on other network services.

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  • Author: pentestmonkey
  • License: GPLv2

Tools included in the ident-user-enum package

ident-user-enum – Query ident to determine the owner of a TCP network process
root@kali:~# ident-user-enum
ident-user-enum v1.0 ( )

Usage: ip port [ port [ port ... ] ]

Queries the ident service (113/TCP) to determine the OS-level user running
the process listening on a given TCP port.  More than one port can be supplied.

ident-user-enum Usage Examples

Scan the remote host ( and determine which user is running the service on the specified ports (22 139 445).

root@kali:~# ident-user-enum 22 139 445
ident-user-enum v1.0 ( ) root    root    root